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Quality and Policy Declaration

The idea of doing right the first time is very simple and clear: do right the first time! We believe that quality means meeting the requirements. The cost of meeting requirements is the cost of doing things right the first time, while the cost of not meeting requirements is the existence of wasted costs. We believe that the way to manage quality is to prevent rather than check and correct errors. Prevention involves thinking, planning, and analyzing processes to predict where errors will occur, and then taking action to prevent them from occurring. Problems are usually caused by a lack or error in the requirements for a product or service. Prevention processes include: defining requirements for a product or service, product development, and process control to take action to achieve results. This is a process of continuous improvement. The ultimate goal of the quality improvement process is zero-defect products and services, that is, making quality a habit. Zero defects is not just a rallying cry, but an attitude and a commitment to prevention. Everyone in the organization is involved in the quality improvement process and is determined to meet the requirements first and every time and not to accept anything that does not meet the requirements.
Continuous improvement with the full support of the leadership and the joint efforts of all staff, the company is committed to continuous process improvement to improve quality and build the company into a world-class manufacturer of professional connectors. And improve the company in the image, organizational efficiency, personnel growth, project management, product quality and other aspects of the remarkable results, by continuous improvement and total quality management concept internalized into the characteristics of corporate culture, in this high-quality corporate culture, continue to grow and thrive.
Three, the pursuit of excellence quality, we are not content with the status quo, we through the "knowledge, vision, values, attitudes, commitment and execution 'corporate culture, activities, strengthen the quality of the staff responsibility consciousness, thus further promote quality improvement activities, improve product reliability, in pursuit of excellent quality, is our common responsibility. We adhere to the quality concept of "doing right the first time, continuous improvement and pursuit of excellent quality", in the spirit of being responsible for the society, the enterprise and the staff, continuous improvement and continuous dedication to better products and services for customers.

Environmental Policy

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

  • Comprehensive energy saving and waste reduction

  • Effective resource reuse

  • Improve environmental quality

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • People oriented
  • Prevention first
  • Continuous improvement

Environmental Security Policy

1. Adopt new technology -- use environmental friendly materials and new production process to reduce environmental impact and hazard risk in the production process.

2. Implement hazard prevention - regularly identify environmental factors and major hazard sources, formulate management plans, and supervise the implementation.

3. Abide by laws and regulations -- abide by relevant national, local and industrial laws and regulations, and be a law-abiding enterprise.

4. Practice resource recycling - save energy, implement classification, recycling and recycling activities.

5. Commit to continuous improvement - continuous improvement of environmental pollution and health hazards to improve environmental/health and safety performance.

6. Implementation of environmental safety training - implementation of environmental safety education training and safety management to enhance awareness of environmental protection/health and safety.